History of Veterinary Science Faculty

Based on the increasing needs of humans and animals for quality, healthy and abundant food, it is necessary to train and educate professionals in this sector. Therefore, Ministry of Higher Education, in the first step established the Faculty of Veterinary Science at Kabul University, Nangarhar University and then Herat University. Since the graduates of above-mentioned institutions did not meet the needs of country in terms quantity; hence, the Veterinary Science Faculty was established in other universities, including Balkh University. This faculty was established as an important unit in the framework of Balkh University in 1392. It has 391 students and the following three departments:

1.Department of Paraclinic

2. Department of Clinic

3. Department of Preclinic

The Faculty of Veterinary Science has graduated 236 students (174 males and 62 females) in three graduation rounds so far.