History: Faculty of Pharmacy

      Health, the provision of health services and access to health facilities are among the basic rights of citizens of any country. In order to achieve this, the establishment of educational institutions in the fields of medicine, pharmacy and other medical disciplines in order to train professional and specialized personnel is an inevitable matter.

The Faculty of Pharmacy was established in 2013 under the administration of Balkh University in order to train professional pharmacists and to meet the desperate need of the country for them. Along with the developments in the field of medicine and the diagnosis of diseases, the field of pharmacy has also grown and has become a multidisciplinary field in medical services. At present, pharmacists have big responsibilities for the production, import, distribution, and management and quality control of pharmaceuticals and foodstuffs in the country. In addition, pharmacists play a key role in the field of pharmaceutical care, biology clinics, and medical examinations. Fortunately, the Faculty of Pharmacy has coordination with the Faculty of Medicine and Directory of Balkh Public Health, therefore, students' practical work is carried out systematically. This is a newly established faculty, so it has not yet introduced its graduate students to the community. The Faculty of Pharmacy has started its activities with six young and newly recruited professors, some adjunct lecturers, a teaching director, an executive director, and two service personnel. By the spring of 2020, this faculty has a total of 513 students, consisting 240 males and 273 females.