Computer Science

History: Computer Science Faculty

Balkh University’s Computer Science Faculty is one of the tenth faculties established in the framework of Balkh University. The issue of establishing this faculty was approved at the meeting of the Academic Board of the Department of Academic Cohesion on March 28, 2011. This decision was proposed to the Ministry of Higher Education for approval, and the decision of the Academic Board was approved by the Ministry of Higher Education by Decree No. 191/234 on March 21, 2011. After the establishment of this faculty, Associate Professor. Mohammad Sharif Amin was dean of faculty until December 2019. Currently, Assistant Professor Rahimdad Faisal Safi is the dean of faculty.

This faculty has the following three departments:

1.Database and information systems

2. Software engineering

3.Communication and Operating Systems

The first and second departments are active, but the third department has not been activated yet. From the establishment to the end of 2019, this faculty has graduated six cohorts of students. The faculty now has four classrooms, one library, and one computer lab.