Chancellor’s message



6 months 1 week ago

To Those who appreciate culture and seek light

Balkh University is one of the largest universities in Afghanistan with 16 faculties, more than 400 professors and more than 18,000 students. This academic institution was established in 1981, and since then, by graduating thousands of trained personnel, it has played a valuable role in the education of the young generation and scientific personnel of the country. In recent years, in addition to undergraduate programs in various major, graduate programs in the major of finance and accounting (economics) and Dari literature have also been established in this university and have trained dozens of young professionals in the aforementioned major. The leadership of Balkh University plans to create graduate programs in the major of law and political science, agriculture, Pashto literature and Islamic history soon. These programs are multi-dimensional and are designed to provide education and training above the bachelor's level for those interested in these major, so that they can improve their professional and specialized knowledge in their desired major.

The leadership of Balkh University is committed to improving the level of education, raising the quality of knowledge, creating a safe educational environment for the country's youth, preparing the curriculum considering the market’s need, the economic situation of the region, and healthy competition in the development of scientific programs in accordance with the fundamentals of Islam and laws of higher education ministry. Paying attention to the issues related to the updating of the academic curriculum and the use of new technology is one of the priorities of the university leadership. In addition, we also consider the creation, development and development of infrastructures. Our commitment is to not only prepare the youth of the country with modern scientific standards and present them to the society, but we also want our youth to be a source of service for scientific and academic subjects with a great feeling for the country, Islamic and moral values, and Afghan culture.


Mufti Mohammad Sharif Abu Asim Osmani