Vision and Mission

Vision of Balkh University

Balkh University aims to train, strengthen, develop and implement a quality education system based on national and international values ​​that meet the current and future needs of society and gain financial independence. Balkh University contribute consciously, innovatively, and responsibly to the local, national, and regional efforts to be able to provide valuable scientific, economic, social, cultural, and applied research services in accordance with accepted national and international standards.


Mission of Balkh University

Balkh University intends to awakening the youth (students), both girls and boys, with the spirit of professionalism, humanity, patriotism and responsibility for historical, social and economic values, led by experienced scientific-academic staff in accordance to Afghan constitution and the law in higher education. Balkh University is committed to raising the quality of research that will help the development of Afghanistan and to provide good services to the community and people in need.