History of Engineering Faculty


Based on the needs of time and to solve the difficulties of society, the Faculty of Engineering in the organizational structure of Kabul Polytechnic University as a branch of the mentioned university in north was inaugurated in 1366 in Mazar-e- Sharif Oil and Gas Technical Building. In the same year, this faculty began to operate with two departments: Chemical Technology and Geology and Mining. Like Polytechnic, the study period of undergraduate students in this faculty was eleven semesters (five and half years) and 901 students have graduated from above-mentioned departments.

In 1371, Department of Industrial and Civil Structures and Department of Electricity were established in this faculty; but due to lack of professional professors in the field of electricity, this department did not continue. Fortunately, the Department of Industrial and Civil Structures presented 1182 dedicated professional engineers to the society in 24 graduation rounds. Based on the urgent need of the society, in 1381 Department of Geology and Mining was upgraded to the faculty level which is now called Faculty of Mining and Environmental Engineering. In the same year, the Department of Hydro Technical Structures was established in this faculty and 211 students graduated in five graduation rounds. From 1384 onwards, this faculty follows credit system and study period is nine semesters (four and half years).


Faculty of Engineering has three Pohand (Full Professor), two Pohanwal (Associate Professor), seven Pohandoi (Assistant Professor), three Pohanmal (Senior Lecturer), seven Pohanyar (Lecturer) and seven candidates of Pohanyar as faculty member. One member of this faculty has Ph.D., sixteen members have master’s degree and twelve members have bachelor’s degree. Currently, four faculty members are pursuing their Ph.D. in Germany, Japan, India and Kazakhstan and other three members are studying their master’s degree program in Turkey, India, and Malaysia.


Faculty of Engineering has three graduate departments which are Chemical Technology, Hydro Technical Structures and Industrial and Civil Structures and two non-graduate departments which are Mathematics-Physics and general Technical subjects. Currently, this faculty has 1226 undergraduate students.