Vice-Chancellor for Academic Affairs

Vice-Chancellor For Academic AffairsAssociate Professor Ahmad Reshad JAMALYAR

Vice-Chancellor for Academic Affairs

Ahmad Reshad Jamalyar was born in July, 1987, Kabul, Afghanistan. He received M.A in English Literature from University of Selcuk, Turkey. In addition, he has B.A in Law and Political Science. His professional interests focus on communicative approaches to teaching literature and cooperative learning. He was recently honored with the Academic Award for his contributions to Quality Assurance and Accreditation, Ministry of Higher Education.

Mr. Jamalyar is currently working as Vice-Chancellor for Academic Affairs, University of Balkh, Afghanistan. He is also the founder and executive director of IWO organization. Furthermore, he works as CEQA Lead for quality assurance and accreditation, MohE Afghanistan. He functions as a master trainer for continuous professional development (CPD) British Council, Afghanistan. He also works as an external peer reviewing (EPR) for quality assurance and accreditation directorate and program review (APR), Ministry of Higher Education. He has membership of Merva Academic Journal, Konya, Turkey since 2010. He is also active member of Balkh Civil Society Union. Mr. Jamalyar has attended several national and international trainings, workshops and symposiums where he presented his research findings in the field of higher education, civil society and human rights.




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