Chancellor’s message 

2 years 9 months ago

Balkh University with 16 faculties, more than 430 faculty members and more than 18,000 students, is one of the largest universities in Afghanistan. This university was established in 1366, and since then it has played a very worthwhile role in educating young generation. In recent years, master's programs in Economics and Dari Literature have also been established at Balkh University which has presented several rounds of graduates to the community. The university's leadership plans to start master programs in Law and Political Science and Pashto Literature in the near future.

Balkh University leadership is committed to provide opportunities for raising the level of education, improving quality, creating a healthy and safe educational environment for the young generation, preparing the curriculum in accordance with job and labor market and the economic situation of the region and healthy competition in the development of scientific programs by maintaining respect for the principles of Islam religion, higher education law and the country's constitution. Focusing on issues related to gender, sports and access to new technology is also one of the priorities of Balkh University leadership. Additionally, we consider the creation, and development of infrastructures.

Our commitment is not only to prepare and present young generation with modern scientific standards to the society, but we also want them to serve by attracting scientific subjects with a great feeling towards the country, considering moral, cultural and historical values.

Khalilullah Kliwal, MD. PhD.
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